NPP gags party communicators over Afoko comments

The New Patriotic Party has warned all its communicators to avoid commenting on issues raised by suspended National Chairman Paul Afoko.

Mr. Afoko in an interview on TV3’s Hot Issues on Saturday rejected allegations of gross disrespect against the party Council of Elders.

He also stated that he is not certain NPP can win the November polls.

“[victory] is still there, it is possible but for me to say that; based on the confidence with which I walked off that stadium in Tamale after my victory telling everybody that by March, end of first quarter of 2016 even NDC would have hands up and say it’s gone; we don’t have it any longer, that certainty is gone,” he lamented”.

But a statement signed by NPP Deputy Communications Director, Perry Okudzeto, stated that Mr. Afoko’s comments are only a distraction and party members should resist the temptation of responding to him.

Read the full statement below.


The communication Directorate has taken note of the desire of many communicators to respond forcefully to comments made by Mr. Paul Afoko in a television interview on Saturday.

The directorate however cautions all communicator not to be distracted by Mr Afoko’s comments, Mr. Afoko himself has taken his grievances to court. The party will respond to him in court.

In the meantime, NO COMMENT, on the matters he has raised, there are grave issues of national importance including the relocation of suspected terrorists into Ghana, the imposition of crippling utility and petroleum tariffs and prices, corruption within the NDC government, Electoral Commission and the voters register among others, that should engage our attention.

Communicators and party members should focus on these and not allow themselves to be distracted, no matter how contentious.
Thank you and happy new year to all

More importantly, NO COMMENT.

Signed by Curtis Perry Kwabla Okudzeto (Deputy Communications Director)


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EC rejects legalization of IPAC

The electoral commission of Ghana has objected to suggestions to give legal backing to the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC).

The chairperson of the electoral management body (EMB) Charlotte Osei said giving legal backing to IPAC will give political parties the powers to dictate to the EC, which will be inimical to the functions of the independent establishment.

“Consensus doesn’t mean sitting on top and taking decisions. EMBs should never be controlled by political parties because political parties have their own agenda; legitimately so and that is why they are organized,” the first woman chairperson of the EC told Accra-based Joy FM on their News File programme, Saturday.

“EMBs have their constitutional duties to the people. So we should never have a situation where the authority of the EMB or the decision making powers of the EMB can be overruled by political parties.”

However, the former boss of the National Commission on Civic Education said political parties can be involved in decision making of the EC as it pertains “in other jurisdictions” but they should never “take decisions above the EMB.”

IPAC was formed in March 1994 to bring together representatives of the political parties on a monthly basis with members of EC to discuss and try to build a consensus on electoral issues.

Representatives of the international donor community that have assisted the electoral process are also invited to observe proceedings at IPAC. However, IPAC is not open to the general public or the media.

Ghana will be heading to the polls on November 7 to elect a president and parliamentarians.


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We’re not taking Ghanaians for granted – EC

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei has dismissed claims that the electoral body is taking Ghanaians for granted ahead of this year’s general elections.

The claims were first made by the General Secretary of the Christian Council, Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong who cautioned the EC not to take an entrenched position on its decision not to change the voters' register ahead of the polls.

The decision to keep the current register is consistent with a report by a five-member committee the EC set up to deliberate proposals for a new voters' register.

The committee among other things said it "finds the arguments for a new register unconvincing and, therefore, does not recommend the replacement of the current voters register."

But the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and other pressure groups have expressed grave displeasure in the Commission’s position.

Pro-NPP group, Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) is threatening court action if the EC decides to go ahead with its decision.

Speaking on Newsfile Saturday, Mrs. Osei stated categorically that the EC would only take decisions that are in the best interest of Ghanaians and would not kowtow to the whims of a political party or a pressure group.

According to her, the EC is undertaking several reforms to improve the current register ahead of the polls scheduled to take place in November

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Voters' register: EC boss slams Christian Council chair

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei has taken a swipe at the chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana Reverend Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frempong over his comments on the voters register.

Dr. Opuni-Frempong in a recent media interview asked the EC not to take Ghanaians for granted following its rejection of calls for a new voters register for the November polls.

“EC should not take us for granted because Ghanaians are perceived to be timid; it must reconsider its decision,” he told Accra-based Asempa FM.

But responding to the charge, Mrs. Osei said the Commission is not taking Ghanaians for granted, adding its basis for rejecting proposals for a fresh register is rooted on solid grounds.

“I do not believe for a minute the EC is taking Ghanaians for ride and I do not also believe that Ghanaians are timid- I should think that as a people especially our leaders like Dr Opuni should help us show respect for the law.

“The panel took their time to listen to all the views; they called the political parties one after the other and had quiet engagement with them .They did a thorough job.

“But when people say we are taking Ghanaians for a ride and we must heed the calls for a new register, we should all remember that every action that we take should be in the ambit of the law,” she noted.


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Charlotte Osei: If we listened to NPP, we may have an elitist voters’ register

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Mrs Charlotte Osei says Ghana will end up with a “very elitist” voter’s register if the Commission gave in to the methods suggested by the opposition New Patriotic Party.
She explained the commission has resolved to audit the voters' register instead of giving in to the demand by the NPP for a new register.
The NPP says the register is bloated and therefore cannot confer credibility on the winner of the 2016 general elections. For months, the opposition NPP and others had been pushing for the compilation of a new electoral roll.

They insisted the current register is so fundamentally flawed it cannot be relied on for credible elections in November this year. It claimed that there were at least 76,000 Togolese on the country’s electoral roll.
But a five-member committee set up by the EC to look into the calls for a new voters’ register said the evidence provided by the NPP was not convincing.
Speaking to the issue again, Ms. Charlotte Osei said the NPP’s method for compiling a new voters register requires that Ghanaians show proof of citizenship using either a passport, a driver’s license or a National ID card.
“How many Ghanaians do you think have these? five million, six million?...I doubt if you can get even 10million” Charlotte argued.
“…for those who do not have a passport, driver’s license or a National ID card how are they going to be identified as a Ghanaian?” she wondered.
Old voter ID cards would be unacceptable and the Supreme Court has already barred the use of and National Health Insurance card as proof of citizenship.
Charlotte Osei also explained the commission can also not use the accepted practice of two Ghanaians testifying to the citizenship of a person who does not have any of the three IDs.
This is because the citizenship of the two can also not be proven with their old voter ID cards, Charlotte Osei said, explaining the limitations imposed by the NPP method.
 “We are going to end up with a register that is very elitist and excludes the large majority of citizens. That is not our idea of inclusive democracy and that is not where we think we should be going”, she insisted.

The Electoral Commission has maintained that the absence of a National Identification System is forcing Ghanaians to get a voter’s ID card because it is the easiest method of identification.

In countries such as Kenya and South Africa, citizens have a National ID and therefore do not need a voter ID card to determine citizenship.

This is not the case in Ghana.

A new voter’s ID will worsen fears expressed by political parities that there are minors and foreigners on the electoral roll because everybody will rush to obtain one even if they are not eligible to vote, the Electoral Commissioner stressed.

In effect “we are going to bring all the Togoleses and minors in”, she feared.

Listen to the audio link at the beginning of the news for her exact message.





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Newsfile exclusive with EC boss Charlotte Osei

Award winning current affairs show, Newsfile, broadcast on Joy FM and JOY News on Multi TV had an exclusive interview with chairperson of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei on Saturday January 9, 2016.

Hosted by Samson Lardy Anyenini, the EC boss opened up on a number of issues ranging from the Commission’s rejection of NPP’s call for a new voter’s register to using professionals such as lawyers and chartered accountants. Madam Charlotte Osei also spoke on her relationship with Ghana Reinsurance Company.

Watch video below for her interview with Samson


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I will vote for NPP – Paul Afoko

Suspended National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Paul Afoko, has said he will still vote for Nana Akufo-Addo come November 2016, despite his suspension from the party.

Paul Afoko, who is still challenging his suspension from the party, spoke on TV3’s Hot Issue programme which will be aired tomorrow [ Saturday] claiming he still remains loyal to the NPP.

“I will vote for the New Patriotic Party, it is my party” he stated.

According to him, many still accept him in the party since only a minority group approved his suspension.

“A group of 70 plus people say they’ve suspended me. Those seventy plus people never voted for me in the first place. They campaigned against me. They told lies about me,” he said.

The NPP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) unanimously voted to suspend Mr. Afoko indefinitely on October 23, 2015.

The NEC upheld the overwhelming decision by the Disciplinary Committee which decided that Mr. Afoko be suspended following a petition that alleged misconduct on his impact.

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‘I feel proud’ of NDC achievements; We will win 2016 elections – President Mahama

President John Mahama has predicted a resounding victory for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the November general elections.

According to him, government’s efforts at improving the lives of the citizenry will give it more advantage in the upcoming polls than the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He made the comments while addressing government officials in Ho on Friday at a retreat.

“We have done sufficient… There are things that we have delivered. I feel very proud, sometimes I don’t know we did it. You go to a community and the Chief is praising you to high heaven for some school or some clinic I didn’t even know had been put there. But everywhere you go they say we see the development, we have a good road, we have enough water.

“In Brong Ahafo alone, there is water for more than 300,000 households in about 27 communities … There is a lot that has been done in every sector…There is a track record, there is a strong performance when it comes to development and infrastructure that we can defend. We will this election. I’m confident that we will win this election,” said the President.

The President also charged his appointees to prepare for the heavy schedule ahead in the last year of his first term and also emphasized the need for a  carefully considered SWOT analysis to determine the way forward.

“What we must do and what I am thinking must come out of here is to have an analysis of what our strengths are and what are weaknesses are and to also look at what our opportunities and what the threats are and once we do that we come up with a road map on how we can all work together to ensure that we win 2016.”

Click on the audio link at the beginning of the news to listen to the President.



President Mahama also made reference to President Kwame Nkrumah’s situation when he was accused by elements within the UP tradition of wasting resources.

“Nkrumah had done so phenomenally when it comes to infrastructure. He had just finished the Akosombo Dam. It was months after he had switched on Akosombo and the same opposition at the time said he had run Ghana into debt and that he had borrowed so much. Exactly the same accusations we are facing now …”

The retreat which is being attended by Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, Ministers and Deputy Ministers of State, Presidential Advisers and Staffers will offer government an opportunity to review strategies for the implementation of key policies earmarked in the 2016 Budget and other initiatives outlined for outdooring in the State of the Nation.

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IGP plans to disband vigilante groups ahead of 2016 elections

Acting Inspector General of Police John Kudalor has hinted of plans to disband vigilante groups aligned to some political parties ahead of the general elections this year.

According to him, the Police service has engaged the Attorney General's Office to determine the locus of these groups.

“She told us in plain language they are unlawful and illegal,” Mr. Kudalor told Joy News.

Activities of vigilante groups like Azorka Boys, Bolga Bulldogs led to aggressive clashes during a bye-election in Talensi in the Upper East region last July.

Various interest groups have expressed concern about the existence of such vigilante groups, particularly their tendency to engage in electoral violence.

Police and Military were in Talensi to keep the peace

Mr. John Kudalor told  JOYNEWS the police will be meeting with the political parties to fashion out how to ban these groups.

The Ghana Police Service last July warned it would prosecute political vigilante groups such as the Azorka Boys, Invincible Forces and Bolga Bull Dogs.

The police said they would also prosecute the leadership of such groups that have gained notoriety for engaging in acts of lawlessness during political activities.

But the Interior Minister Mark Woyongo when asked whether Azorka boys (aligned with the governing NDC) was registered security companies, the Minister responded in the affirmative, saying “of course they belong to security companies. For some time now, they have been operating as security companies.”

He announced the Ministry will soon legalise the activities of vigilante groups, Azorka boys and Bolga Bulldogs.

“From now onwards we are going to ensure that those who operate have value or credible documents to operate as security agencies. These security companies will have to be licensed.”


Acting Inspector General of Police John Kudalor has hinted of plans to disband vigilante groups aligned to some political parties ahead of the general elections this year.

According to him, the Police service has engaged the Attorney General's Office to determine the locus of these groups.

“She told us in plain language they are unlawful and illegal,” Mr. Kudalor told Joy News.

Activities of vigilante groups like Azorka Boys, Bolga Bulldogs led to aggressive clashes during a bye-election in Talensi in the Upper East region last July.

Various interest groups have expressed concern about the existence of such vigilante groups, particularly their tendency to engage in electoral violence.

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EC will not be stampeded into taking decision on voters’ register

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Charlotte Osei has said the Commission will not be pushed into taking any decision on the creation or not of a new voters’ register by any political party.

The election regulatory body recently announced it will not be reviewing the voters’ register meant for the 2016 election.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) had pushed for the creation of a new voter’s register after the party alleged that there were over 76,000 foreign names on it.

Although the NPP was vehement with its demands, coupled with series of demonstrations by pressure groups including the Let My Vote Count Alliance, the EC has been resolute in saying there will not be a new register.

The governing National Democratic Congress has also rejected the NPP calls for a new register, preferring rather for the EC to audit the existing register.

A committee of experts set up by the EC to deliberate on their concerns also rejected the calls.

The NPP has described the panel’s decision as disappointing, accusing the EC of leading Ghanaians into a ditch.

However, speaking at a press briefing in Accra Thursday, Mrs Osei said she will not allow the independence of her outfit to be toyed with.

“An electoral management body should never be stampeded into taking a decision by a political party. That is why the constitution gives you independence. People may try to stampede but you have to stand your ground and do what is right.

She added that although the EC is willing to listen and examine views from various quarters, take it on board when it has to but the right and legal thing must always be done and “in accordance with the law.”


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Parliament to summon ministers over Gitmo detainees

A Member of Parliament’s Committee on Defence and Interior, Major Derek Oduro (retired) has called for the House to summon the Ministers of Interior, Defence and Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration to brief it on the arrival of two detainees from Guantanano Bay In Ghana.

According to Major Oduro Parliament needs to be provided with answers from government over what he described as a sensitive issue.

He said Ghanaians were not ready for the possible implications of hosting terror suspects and therefore Parliament must intervene.

“Government should have prepared the minds of Ghanaians, now every Ghanaian is going through some mental torture, panic, fear.”

“These people what would be the security implications, should Al Qaeda, the group that they belong to attack an interest outside Ghana and within the country Ghana, what are we going to do when that thing happens,” he asked.

He argued that government should have conscientised the minds of people before bringing them in.

“So people want to know, what will be the security implications. the Minister must appear before Parliament and brief us,” he said.


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Voter roll: LMVCA to picket EC

Pressure group Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) is set to go on another demonstration to mount pressure on the Electoral Commission (EC) to compile a new register of voters.

The group has scheduled a meeting on Friday, January 8, 2016, to fix a date for what its leaders say will be “sustained picketing of the Electoral Commission to demand the compilation of a new register."

The EC, in a statement, rejected calls by the opposition New Patriotic Party and the LMVCA for a new electoral roll, saying their arguments were not convincing.

LMVCA’s convener, David Asante, speaking to Class News, said: “The Electoral Commission says the arguments were not convincing enough, we will stage a more convincing demonstration, and they will change their minds.”

“The LMVCA is meeting, and we are fixing the date for our demonstration. We shall stage 1001 demonstrations until the EC sees wisdom.”

“We will convince the EC to change the register. They are looking for convincing reasons to change the register, we will go to the premises of the EC, we shall convince them, and they will change the register.”

Quizzed about the police having said the EC premises was a security zone, which cannot be picketed, Mr. Asante said: “It does not lie in the mouth of the police to demarcate what a security zone is in the country.”

“It is the Interior Minister, who has the mandate, per the constitution, to determine what a security zone is. Under the current dispensation, the EC is one of the public offices,” Mr. Asante added.

“We will write to the police officially and tell them we are picketing the Electoral Commission. They want a convincing argument, we shall go there and stage one, and they will change the register,” Mr. Asante emphasised.

Meanwhile, EC boss Charlotte Osei has said the electoral body, under her tenure, would not dance to the tune of any political party or do any politician’s bidding, as far as elections were concerned.


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Okyehene: Support Mahama to transform Ghana

The Okyehene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin has urged Ghanaians to back President John Mahama's drive to transform the Ghanaian economy.

According to Osagyefo, the situation where some Ghanaians discredit government through the casting of aspersions and insinuations is inappropriate.

"We are all Ghanaians and one people, we should be law-abiding and ensure that we do away with issues that will divide the country.

“We must all support President Mahama's quest of transforming Ghana from its state to a better one,” he stated.

Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin was speaking at 5th anniversary of the installation of Effiduasehene, Okoawia Dwumoh Baabu IV in Koforidua in the Eastern region.

The Akyem-Abuakwa king advised Ghanaians to desist from attacking leadership with the use of insults when debating state and economic issues.

"The respect we don't have for our leadership is very worrying. People wake up to insult the president, chiefs, MPs have with impunity. It is just unacceptable, and the Lord will not bless us for that,” he lamented.

Okyehene further saw the need for power in the country to be decentralized. He explained that decentralization leads to massive development in all spheres of a country's economy.

The programme was attended by high profile government officials including Communications Minister Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, who is also an indigenes of the area, and the Eastern Regional Minister.

The Regional Minister, Antwi Bosiako Sekyere bemoaned chieftaincy disputes in some areas in the region and called on traditional authorities to preach unity and lead in resolving chieftaincy disputes in the region.


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Dologuele and Touadera to contest CAR run-off

Two ex-prime ministers in the Central African Republic will contest a run-off after no candidate gained 50% in the first round of presidential elections, officials have said.

Anicet Georges Dologuele, who came first with 24%, will face Faustin Touadera, who got 19%, on 31 January.

Last week, more than a million people took part in the first presidential election since a coup in March 2013.

The country has since been wracked by conflict along religious lines.

Twenty of the 30 candidates vying to replace interim leader Catherine Samba-Panza had earlier this week complained of irregularities and called for the count to be halted.

But many of them were persuaded by the transitional government to withdraw their complaints, and the constitutional court will have to look into the remaining grievances.

  • Anicet Georges Dologuele 23.8% - 281,420 votes
  • Faustin Touadera 19.4% - 229,564 votes
  • Desire Kolingba 12.6% - 149,134 votes
  • Martin Ziguele - 10.8% - 121,009 votes

1,181,115 votes were cast and there was a 79% turnout

Source: CAR electoral commission

Mr Dologuele was prime minister between 1999 and 2001, and has also served as the country's finance minister.

Mr Touadera was prime minister in the government of ex-President Francois Bozize, who was overthrown in 2013.

CAR has been torn by sectarian violence since the Seleka rebels seized power in March 2013.

A band of mostly Christian militias, called the anti-Balaka, then took up arms against the Seleka.

More about the Central African Republic

The interim government and international donors pushed for the poll, believing that an elected president and parliament would help CAR recover from years of unrest.

CAR is one of the world's poorest countries - yet it is rich in natural resources.

Elections also took place for the 149-seat National Assembly.

After seizing power, the Seleka rebels installed Michel Djotodia as the first Muslim leader of the majority Christian country.

But under pressure from regional leaders and former colonial power France, Mr Djotodia stood down and was succeeded by Ms Samba-Panza.

About 1.8 million people were registered to vote, out of a population of roughly five million.

More than one million people fled their homes during the communal fighting.



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Iran accuses Saudis of hitting Yemen embassy

Iran has accused Saudi-led coalition warplanes of damaging its embassy and injuring staff in an air strike on Yemen's capital, Sanaa.

State media quoted a foreign ministry spokesman as saying planes had deliberately targeted the site.

But some later reports in Iran said missiles had struck only in the vicinity of the embassy.

Residents and witnesses in Sanaa reported there was no damage to the main embassy building.

Although the incident may turn out to be less serious than initially feared, the BBC's Arab Affairs Editor Sebastian Usher says the growing row between Saudi Arabia and Iran could derail peace efforts in Syria and Iraq, as well as in Yemen.

More on Saudi-Iran tensions

The row began after Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia executed a Shia cleric, Nimr al-Nimr.

Iranian protesters in Tehran, angry at the execution, then attacked the Saudi embassy, leading Saudi Arabia to cut off diplomatic relations.

A number of Saudi allies have followed suit in taking diplomatic action against Iran.

Meanwhile on Thursday Iran banned the import of all Saudi goods, according to a statement read on Iranian state TV.

Analysis: BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner

Ever since the Saudi-led air campaign began against Yemen's Houthi rebels last March, there was always a risk that the cold war between the region's two big rivals, Saudi Arabia and Iran, could ignite into something more serious.

The Saudis accuse Iran of smuggling in arms by sea to equip the Shia Houthis, who retain control over the capital and much of the country. Saudi officials have even claimed that Iranian military commanders are on the ground there, helping to direct the Houthis.

Both Iran and the Houthis deny this. The reality is that the Houthis owe most of their military gains to support from renegade Yemeni army units loyal to ousted ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Saudi Arabia's military spokesman says its coalition has asked for precise co-ordinates of foreign embassies in the Yemeni capital so it can avoid hitting them. Angry as the Saudis are about the ransacking of their embassy in Tehran, it would have been a major escalation if they had carried out a deliberate, direct hit on Iran's embassy in retaliation.

'Deliberate action'

The Saudis accuse Iran of supporting the Houthis in Yemen militarily - a charge it denies.

It is not clear whether the Iranian embassy was fully functioning, but a number of countries have withdrawn their staff or relocated missions to the port city of Aden in the past year.

A coalition spokesman said the air strikes had targeted Houthi rebel missile launchers, and that the rebels had used abandoned embassies for operations.

Hossein Jaber Ansari, a spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, earlier said the raid had injured "a number of the building's guards", according to the Iranian news agency Ilna.

He called the incident a "deliberate action by Saudi Arabia".

A spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition, Gen Ahmed Asseri, said Iran's claims would be investigated.

At least 2,795 civilians have been killed in Yemen since March, when the Saudi-led coalition began a military campaign to restore the government and drive back the Houthis and allied security personnel loyal to ex-President Saleh.

In the past six months, coalition and pro-government forces have retaken Aden, but the rebels still control the capital.

The already dire humanitarian situation has also deteriorated, with more than 21 million people - four-fifths of the population - now requiring aid.


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Group pressures EC boss to resign for holding 2 positions

The Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF) has mounted pressure on the chairperson of the Electoral Commission to resign for holding two positions concurrently.

According to the PNF, the action by the EC chair Charlotte Osei breaches  article 44 clause 4 of the 1992 republican constitution which states that ‘’the chairman and the two deputy chairmen of the commission shall not, while they hold office on the commission, hold any other public office.”

The group claims that Mrs Charlotte Osei, as well as being the chairman of the electoral commission, is also a board member of the Ghana Reinsurance Company Limited.

The group in a statement signed by its convenor, Richard Nyamah said “evidence we possess shows that Mrs, Osei before her appointment as EC chair and since her appointment has remained a member of the board of the company.”

They further demanded “that Madam Commissioner resigns her post as member of the board of directors of Ghana Reinsurance Company or as the Chairman of the electoral commission with immediate effect.”

They also want Charlotte Osei to refund all allowances she received as board member from January 30, 2015 “or her salary and entitlements as chairman of the commission, which ever option she chooses to exercise from 1st July, 2015 till date.”

“Failure to do any of the above, PNF will exercise all legal rights we have to ensure the right thing is done. We wish to use this opportunity to admonish all Ghanaians, especially those holding public office to refrain from breaking the law and shun corruption in whatever shape or form it comes in 2016 and beyond.”

PNF was the pressure group that petitioned President John to sack the Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Madam Lauretta Lamptey.


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EC Boss no longer on our Board – Ghana Reinsurance Company

The Ghana Reinsurance Company has denied claims from pressure group, the Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF) that the current chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Charlotte Osei concurrently serves as a Director on the board of the company.

The group had earlier called for the EC Boss to step down from the positions as per the country’s constitution, the Electoral Commissioner is not permitted to hold another public office.

The Secretary of the Company, Jessica Allotey,  clarified the situation and expressed dismay that checks had not been made before the claims against the EC boss were made.

“I can confirm that as at today January 7, she is no longer a member of the Ghana Reinsurance Board. She’s not a director of Ghana Re. I’m so sorry that nobody called me to check with me what the situation is and unfortunately the story has already been aired,” she told Accra-based radio station Asempa FM.

“As at the end of December, she was not the Director of Ghana Re. I can assure that the transformation that she has brought to the company while serving on the board is immeasrable.”

Earlier checks had revealed that Charlotte Osei name was listed as a Director of the Company on their

However Jessica Allotey attributed this to the break for the Christmas holidays, adding that the companies technicians were working hard to ‘update the website.’

“We have just returned from the holidays and we are currently updating the website. The IT manager is currently working on that. Some of these things are not easily corrected but I can tell you categorically that she is no longer the Director of the company,” she explained.

PNF wants EC Boss out

The PNF in a statement signed by its convenor, Richard Nyamah said “evidence we possess shows that Mrs, Osei before her appointment as EC chair and since her appointment has remained a member of the board of the company.”

They further demanded “that Madam Commissioner resigns her post as member of the board of directors of Ghana Reinsurance Company or as the Chairman of the Electoral Commission with immediate effect.”

They also want Charlotte Osei to refund all allowances she received as board member from January 30, 2015 “or her salary and entitlements as chairman of the commission, which ever option she chooses to exercise from 1st July, 2015 till date.”


The Ghana Reinsurance Company has denied claims from pressure group, the Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF) that the current chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Charlotte Osei concurrently serves as a Director on the board of the company.

The group had earlier called for the EC Boss to step down from the positions as per the country’s constitution, the Electoral Commissioner is not permitted to hold another public office.

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Let's Work Together To Audit The Voters' Register - Atik Mohammed Urges Politicians

Atik Mohammed, General Secretary of the People's National Convention (PNC) has called for collective efforts between political parties in the country to ensure that the current voters' register is cleaned.

Speaking on 'Kokrokoo' on Peace FM, Atik Mohammed advised politicians to lay aside their political differences and cooperate with the Electoral Commission to audit the register.

According to him, the collective work by the parties involved is an antidote against any act of election malpractice or violence.

Atik Mohammed also called on the Electoral Commission to ensure transparency in the register in order to gain the confidence of the electorates.

“To inspire confidence in the register, transparency is key. We therefore plead that it must be all inclusive. It must be transparent."

He noted that the EC should make it possible for the stakeholders in Ghana's electoral processes to employ the services of their technical team to assess the impact of the software(s) that will be used for the biometric verification system.

"There must be the presence of technical persons from the various stakeholders on whichever Committee or body in charge of the work so that we can even suggest regarding the software they will be using. It should be a cooperative enterprise.”


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I bit NDC man in self defense - NPP communicator

NPP communicator Fredrick Tahiru says he acted in self-defense when he bit NDC communicator during a heated radio discussion at North Star FM in Tamale, Thursday morning.

The two were discussing a call by NDC General Secretary to have Dr. Bawumia arrested for allegedly falsifying documents to the Electoral Commission to back the case for a new voters' register.

Fredrick told, the NDC communicator who was a panelist described NPP Vice-Presidential candidate Mahamudu Bawumia as a ‘ruffian’.

The NPP panelist demanded that the comment be retracted. Fredrick says after Zakaria retracted “sarcastically” he used condescending language describing him as a ‘small boy in politics’.

He reported the NDC man as saying, “if I don’t change my ways of doing things, I will suffer like Dr Bawumia who is struggling to become just a vice president”.

“I also replied him off air that, his entire generation can never boast of someone like me and Dr Bawumia”

Fredrick Tahiru maintained the NDC panelist was the first to throw a punch which resulted in a physical exchange.

The NPP man also said, he fought back in self-defence.

He said he visited Zakaria Mahama after the incident and they both have apologized to each other and made peace.


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Listen up! "No politician deserves your life", Muntaka urges the youth

The Member of Parliament for Asawasi in Kumasi is urging the youth to desist from electoral violence as no politician is worth more than the life of any Ghanaian.

Alhaji Mubarak Muntaka says the best a politician can do for a party supporter who dies in political misunderstanding is to contribute towards their funeral.

Speaking at a ceremony to inaugurate a six-classroom block for Nurul Ameen Islamic School at Asawasi sponsored by GETFUND, he told the gathering politicians have short memories of their dead followers.

According to the Asawasi legislator, politicians are noted for paying attention to current developments or happenings, a situation which he says influence them to forget easily about their past.

He advised the youth no politician, not even himself deserve the life of a supporter.

Alhaji Muntaka who is also the Majority Chief Whip in Parliament also asked the youth to respect the views of political opponents as political campaigning gets to its peak of electioneering campaign ahead of the 2016 polls.

Meanwhile Alhaji Muntaka is unhappy at the conduct of the contractor who first worked on the project.

According to him, the cost of school project shot up from Gh 130,000 to GH 200, 000 after the contractor abandoned the project.

On his part, Municipal Chief Executive for Asokore Mampong, Alhaji Nurudeen Hamidan is happy because education has seen drastic improvement over the years with improved infrastructure, teaching and learning.


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