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Gov’t won’t pay for power from barge; consumers will – John Jinapor

The Power Ministry says consumers will be responsible for paying for power from Karpower barge. Government is only a facilitator.

Deputy Power Minister John Jinapor confirmed to Joy News government will not play any role in paying for the services of the power barge from Turkey.

“The payment will be done by the end-user. It will not be done by the government” he was emphatic.

The Karpower barge was reported to have set off on November 7 from Turkey and its progress on high seas has been keenly monitored by Ghanaian media.

Billed as an important saviour from an increasingly irritating power rationing regime, the barge will inject about 225 megawatts.

Government has been conscientizing consumers to expect to pay more for power.

 “Government is only a facilitator....but at the end of the day whatever power that will be generated ought to be paid by the end-user” Jinapor said.

He said government will only “assist the process to ensure that they [Karpower] have heavy fuel oil” to generate power

He said government was also working with "numerous" Independent Power Producers to augment Ghana’s weak generation capacity.

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