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The Best High Street Sportswear Buys for 2015

Fitness is becoming more and more fashionable, with various high street stores launching their own sportswear collections. Before, we usually hit the high street looking for the latest fashion trends, but with an influx of sportswear collections, today our favorite fashion brands are ideal to pick up a high tech, highly responsive piece of gym kit.

Purchasing a new gym outfit can be great motivation, encouraging us to get stuck in with out workout. When we lack motivation to go to the gym, what better to do then buy a new funky sports bra or bright pair of trainers that we can’t wait to show off to our fellow gym go-ers.

Sportswear used to be pretty basic, in plain designs and colours. However, the high street is now full of fun and bold sportswear for us to get our hands on. From the gorgeous selection from Missgui

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