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Tomato Prices Shoot Up In Ghana

The price of tomatoes have increased in Ghanaian markets in the second week of January, 2016.

It increased by 4 percent. Currently a ‘medium size tomato tin’ is being sold at GHc11.68.

Another commodity which also increased is Yam (Pona) and is being sold in the market at GHc 4.50 “per medium size tuber.”

Cowpea, Groundnut and Soya beans also followed with a percentage point gain each to close the week at GHc 7.70, GHc 12.90 and GHc 5.60 per olonka respectively.

Meanwhile, checks by Esoko Ghana revealed that Cassava (fresh tubers) dropped by 2 percent to close the week at GHc 5.30 per “3-4 tubers”.

Cassava (Gari) and Rice (imported –unclesam) also dropped by a percentage point each to close the week at GHc 4.50 and GHc 28.90 per “olonka” and “1 small bag (5kg)” respectively.

The price for an “olonka” of maize on the various markets remained the same.

A “medium size tomato tin” full of fresh tomatoes gained 17 percent in Kumasi to close the week at GHS 8.90 with Techiman gaining 5 percent to close at GHS 7.00 and also with Takoradi gaining 9 percent to close the week at GHS 21.60 and in Accra it dropped by 3 percentage points to close the week at GHS 19.80.

In the other markets, the price remained the same.


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