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Press release: 65% of Ghanaians Blame The Increasing Spate of Mob Injustice On The Corrupt Police And The Court System In Ghana - Piran

In recent times, Ghanaians have experienced many instances of mob injustice leading to the lynching of innocent people on suspicion of being thieves, armed robbers or witches without allowing the law to take its course. This is mainly due to distrust in the police and court. Many people in certain communities have a countless number of instances where suspected criminals and outlaws are left to go free or treated with kit groves, encouraging offended persons and communities to result in this uncivilized and barbaric ways of seeking redress and justice that has been denied them by the law enforcing authority.

Many individuals, groups and communities in Ghana are not pleased with the work of the police and court adjudications because of the belief that justice in some cases as shown in some of Anas Aremeyaw Anas undercover works confirming an open secret that justice is given to the highest bidder, making the offended party with no money angry and trying to seek justice their own way. It is therefore appropriate for the law enforcement authority to be alive and responsible for their duties of prosecution and adjudication of justice in a fair, honest and transparent manner to win back the confidence of Ghanaians, and to discourage people from resulting in this inhuman and barbaric means of seeking justice.

The average Ghanaian do not see the willingness and the readiness of the Police to win the trust and confidence of Ghanaian with respect to their handling of certain criminal cases, because there has been instances where people who are supposed to be in either prisons or police custody have been involved and mention  in crime and offences committed during their period of incarceration, a typical case is the gruesome murder of the former Ashanti Regional GJA Chairman, Mr. Edward Best Enning, where some of the reports that came suggested certain outlaws in prison might have come out of prison to commit that murder, there has also been an online publication by a Kumasi base ultimate FM that a notorious armed robber who is suppose to be in prison is walking around and acting as a bodyguard to some

prostitutes who give information about their client to these robbers for attack to rob them of their monies and properties. How would victims of these robbers on the loose feel if they see them on the street or catch them on robbery mission and the police are not available or the police station is far away? Your guess will be as good as mine.

Many people are de-motivated to report offences to the police because of the lackadaisical attitude of some policemen and women who make financial demands and other conditions such as complainant hiring cars before they attend to them.

There is a recent mob injustice in the Northern Region where a suspected motorbike thief’s throat was slash by the mob that arrested him and dump his body elsewhere, before his body was taken to Tamale West Hospital, indicating that many people still uphold the criminal ways of seeking justice they believe the authority responsible may not give them a fair justice to their satisfaction.

In our quest to get the mindset of Ghanaians on this menace of mob injustice, we pose a question, are Ghanaians pleased with the work of the police and the court in adjudicating crime cases? 325 of the 500 people representing 65% of the respondents says empathic no whiles the remaining 175 out of the 500 respondent representing 35% said yes they are pleased with the work of the police and the court. In all 6 regions out of 10 regions were selected with each region having 83 respondents in the major district capital within the said regions of Northern Region, Brong Ahafo Region, Ashanti Region, Greater Accra Region, Volta Region and Central Region.



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