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Ghana: 6th Parliament ends! New Speakers, MPs take oath

The life of the sixth Parliament of the 4th Republic has ended. President John Mahama's tenure as president has effectively ended too even though he had an eventful afternoon commissioning another project, the new WAEC hall. It was his last commissioning ceremony. The MPs of the old Parliament are also no more, except those who managed to retain their seats. The new MPs have been sworn into office to begin a new life in Parliament, a new journey in the legislature, one heavily tilted towards the New Patriotic Party majority. New Speaker  Prof Mike Ocquaye was also sworn in.

There was drama in Parliament as Ex-president Rawlings in a conciliatory gesture walks to former Accra Mayor Oko Vanderpuije, now MP, to have a chit-chat or maybe apologize for an earlier stunt which went viral.

Some two days ago, the ex-president in a hey! don't- come-near- me-posture, twice left Alfred Oko Vanderpuije embarrassed as he climbed the staircase to the House of Parliament. Vanderpuije, with his usual long beard attempted a Buddhist bow in reverence to Mr Rawlings but got snubbed in the process. The video went viral.

But tonight the ex-president has reconciled at least with a walk of grace to the man he despised.

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