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Quata: "Sallah" is for my Muslim fans

Barely a month after releasing his Kwaito single "U Too Bad", Quata Budukusu is out again with another single, Sallah, for his Muslim brothers and sisters. He featured the duo "True Prichez" from Nima on the track. According to Quata, his Muslim fans have been fasting all this while, and as they prepare to break their fast, there is no better way to thank them for praying for the peace of the nation and the world as a whole than to compose a song for them. He talked about the Islamic Religion, which stands for peace and the need for all other Religion to see Islam as a peaceful religion and nothing else. The track is designed for the fasting and after the celebration. It is one of its kind in the market now, and it is having an evergreen feel fused with Arabic hook and trap. Sallah was Produced and Recorded by Kelisevee Bangers and mixed and mastered by Goonbeatz, the Mic-Check CEO.

Listen to the new single from Quata and do not forget to share with your Muslim friends and family, especially as they prepare for their biggest feast. Surely, this should be the song for Sallah.

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