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Amissah-Arthur Has Done His Best For Mahama; Stop The Lobbying – Hanna Tetteh

The Minister for Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration, Madam Hanna Tetteh has asked people who may be lobbying President Mahama to nominate her to be his Running Mate for the 2016 elections to cease their actions.

“I would like to request those persons ostensibly lobbying His Excellency President Mahama to consider me as his running mate to cease doing so at once,” she wrote on a social media platform following a press statement making the rounds on same media platforms calling on the president to elect her his Running Mate.

While asking those behind the press statement to put a stop steer the affairs of the country. This, she said, makes the lobbying going on needless.

“I have great respect for His Excellency the president, and his right to make the choices he considers appropriate for any political office in his administration. I do not wish anyone to attempt to exert any form public pressure on His Excellency on my behalf. I believe His Excellency the Vice President has done his best to give our president the support that he needs, and there is no need for this kind of public lobbying.

The Foreign Minister who is also the MP for Senya Awutu West expressed gratitude to president Mahama for giving him the privilege to serve as Ghana’s Foreign Minister and pledged to do her best in that capacity.

“I appreciate the opportunity his Excellency President Mahama has given me to serve in his Government, it is indeed a privilege and I will continue to do my best in the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs & Regional integration in his Government and in the service of Ghana” The press statement to which the Foreign Minister has reacted to reads (note that it is published unedited);

H.E. John Dramani Mahama

President Of Republic Of Ghana

Flagstaff House


His Excellency

Petition To Choose Hannah Tetteh As Vice Presidential Candidate For One Touch Victory In 2016

We the Concerned Youth For Mahama; A grassroots campaign team for JM in 2016 are calling on President H.E John Dramani Mahama to select Hon. Hannah Tetteh as the Vice Presidential Candidate for the 2016 election.

We believe Hannah Tetteh is the most ideal candidate to win us more votes in 2016 due to the following reasons;

1. Amissah Arthur is hardly been noticed in Ghana and doesn't have enough public appeal as he is not liked by many as compared to Hannah Tetteh.

2. The people of Central Region are so much in love with Hannah Tetteh as she won her parliamentary primaries with overwhelming 97% in her constituency.

3. Hannah Tetteh has proven to have a very fantastic working relationship with President Mahama.

4. We will get a good political capital for selecting a woman as vice president which is something our opponents the NPP have never dreamt of. Hannah Tetteh has a nice public appeal and a very intelligent woman who has performed creditably in her ministerial appointments and helped in the campaign. Let's not forget her efforts towards 2008 & 2012 elections.

It is time to get a woman who will increase our votes in central region and win women activists who are floating voters.

5.His Excellency, if you could remember, one of our own members closely related to your office (Hon.Halidu) spewed vitriols on some section of women in our country. Per our research findings, virtually 60% of women have vowed to register their displeasure at that particular invective by voting against us. To deflate that mess caused, we kindly request of you to deservedly appoint HON. Hannah Tetteh as the vice presidential candidate for the party in the lead up to the 2016 elections.

6. We have gathered some of our brothers from the volta region calling for Speaker Doe Adjaho. We want to state that their tribal politics will not win us any votes. Besides the people of volta region have been awarded by the NDC government than any other region in terms of projects and influential appointments. The central which contributes significantly to NDC votes can only boast of a Vice President. Any attempt by the party to take this seat from the region will be of great harm to the party.

By these we therefore call on you as a listening president to nominate immediately Hon Hannah Tetteh as the VICE Presidential Candidate who our grassroots researches have proved to be a better candidate than Amissah Arthur and Doe Adjaho and your victory in 2016 will be a "cool chop".

Any attempt to maintain Amissah Arthur will compel us and many well-meaning Ghanaians inclusive to withdraw our efforts in the 2016 election.

Thank you.


Abigail Kwakye-Ewuson

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